Autumn Crisp: 1960's Kim Reed

Mr. Reed posed for Don Whitman's Western Photography Guild during the 1960's. A former U.S. Navy lieutenant, Don began his business in Denver, Colorado in 1947. Don founded the Mr. Colorado bodybuilding competition which was a great way to meet potential models. While the outdoor Rocky Mountains served as a stage set for the majority of his photographs, he also captured the masculinity of men in traditional studio settings, such as these with Kim Reed. Kim had the clean cut 'next door' young man look that made him a favorite for many.

Hello there, Mr. October!

One of the most-requested things that I've heard from VGMH friends over the last few years
relates to the month of October and Halloween, and specifically wishes to see some of our previous special stories and the haunted logos, which progress in a ghoulish delight over time during the month and climax on October 31st with  smut we don't ever show otherwise.  This is also the anniversary month of our little blog here, and I'm happy to be able to fulfill such requests for blasts from the past, and thank you for asking.  I have not forgotten that we came to this place after another site had made it clear that queers like us were not welcome any longer with them.  We all keep pushing on no matter what, and you have raised me and I thank you.

But back to more important things...What little clothing Mr. October's wearing is certainly stylish for the period. He seems in very serious concentration, and maybe it's just me, but that jack-o-lantern's one eye opening seems downright naughty and nice at the same time. As with other months in this vintage calendar, we see the mysterious hand (notice the bird tattoo) offering suggestions of what perhaps is yet to come for our model? 

Dom (his real name was Dom Orejudos was) was 20 years old when he began using the name Etienne, when his work was published for the first time in 1953's "Tomorrow's Man" magazine, issue #8.

Born in Chicago on July 1st, 1933, Etienne was a dancer and choreographer with the Illinois Ballet Company for 15 years. In addition, he was a very respected businessman, famous for his male physique studies which became internationally known. He was the recipient of three National Endowment for the Arts grants and was nominated/received three Emmy Awards.
His artwork is understandably sometimes confused with that of Tom of Finland. Both men definitely had an appreciation for very masculine guys and both enjoyed creating intense fantasy worlds. It's been reported that both artists knew one another and liked and respected one another's work. We'll take a look at more of his work in the future.

One of Etienne's most-favored artistic styles was to show a charismatic character becoming the sexual brunt of a masculine joke, usually at the mercy of other men surrounding him. To some, his work pushes the envelope of aggressive machismo sex that's sometimes depicted, which the artist himself once described as trying to capture man's "fears, needs, and unapologetic raw power."  He died of AIDS complications in 1991.
Some of the adult games and sports that men like to play together can be confusing to onlookers who don't quite understand the rules of play.  It looks like this jock stayed in the locker room a little too long after the game, and now he's about to take one for the team and his own enjoyment (that strapped ass looks like it's been in this accommodating penetration position before).  As always, Etienne can't resist adding a bit of fun irony---A jockster in white socks is about to get a beefy fist 'rammed' up his tight ass while being constrained on a table marked PROPERTY OF RAMS. 

Mark Jennings

Mark Jennings remains an adult entertainment star decades after his final performance, and just one look at the photo above helps to explain why.  The legendary story of his entrance into smut goes that a young Mark (who was reportedly born in 1966) lived in Michigan and enjoyed hockey among other sports.  Getting friendly-jibed by his buddies in the locker room showers about the big horse meat between his legs, he took advantage of his manly assets by going to work hustling his cock in smut during the mid 1980's.  While there's very little confirmed biography existing about him, it's widely speculated that Mark was probably straight or bisexual; however Mark's actual sexuality remains unknown.  Standing 5'11" with green eyes and a solid 150 pounds, he had a masculine, "freshly scrubbed" attractive face.  
It's Mark work in both gay and bisexual films that made him a top box office draw.  There was a Dan Parks (in 1984 he preformed in The All-American Man) prior to Mark Jennings.  Indeed, he became a star twice--as both Dan Parks and Mark Jennings, largely performing in both gay and bisexual genres with a few straight roles.
Multiple stage names are common with male sex performers, but what's unique for that era is that he eventually began to use "Mark Jennings" for bisexual, straight and gay work.   
Dan Parks (aka Mark Jennings)
Not all types of bisexual porn are viewed in the same way in our modern society.  'Female-on-female' bisexual porn (which includes a man at some point in the picture) has enjoyed a long history of commercial success.  Many straight men (who purchase most porn) want to see this type of action and there's been no social stigma associated with men liking to look at naked women, especially when the women having sex together are also craving a stud to join in the party as well.  
Mark's ample manhood being enjoyed by a female friend
It's when there are two men getting it on, sharing one female, where things get uncomfortable for many self-identified straight men.   'Male-on-male' bisexual porn has often been thought of as an offshoot of gay smut, and oftentimes seen as just a cover for closeted gay men.  Unfortunately, this perception of the masculine bisexual male has often been reinforced in bisexual gay smut itself, thanks to the miscasting of effeminate performers in roles where they are playing masculine parts for which they are just not believable.    
Looks like this lucky girl gets to polish the Jennings family jewels

All of this helps to explain the popularity of a model like Mark Jennings, who effectively performs in both the straight and gay sex scenes.  In his work with other males, he's usually cast as a straight guy being orally serviced before penetrating his 10.5 inch penis deep into his partner (however, he did perform as a bottom as well).  In his work with women, he equally seems to be enjoying himself.  
Factor in his large cock and a star is born, no matter who he is fucking.  Fans of him performing as Dan Parks followed Mark over to bisexual smut.  
Mark Jennings performance in 1985's Best Friends with Jeff Cameron became a hit.  Reviewers noted that the situations and activities were much more believable than most male bisexual porn.  Cameron, who had real chemistry with Jennings, would not return Mark Reynolds’ sequel, Best Friends 2 in 1988.  As an interesting side note, Jeff Cameron appears to have only ever been featured in Best Friends and then retired from the industry.
Mark appeared in more than 28 adult films. Unknown is what happened to Mark after he left the business.  Please stay tuned for part two.