Egg Hunt!

What could possibly be going on in these photos?  Maybe in exchange for finding a guy's pair of hairy eggs, these hunters also have to put his weenie in their mouth and suck!   But watch out!  These eggs are probably chock-full of man-cream, so if you keep sucking like that, the chances are pretty darn good that you'll get a BIG mouthful surprise!
Mărțișor is an ancient Romanian Spring celebration (having even deeper roots going further back in time) which celebrated the end of Winter.  The event was tied to fertility (the female) and fertilization (the male) as a means of life and continuity.  And as if they needed a special holiday for this purpose, it was considered useful to identify females who had reached puberty over the winter months as males participated in a series of sporting competitions and social events to strut their feathers and show off their, well, cockiness. 


Considered to be one of the best of the high-quality-production films from the early 1980s, Flashbacks featured "Leo & Lance" enjoying one another sexually.  The action was set against the backdrop of some spectacular Big Bear Mountain scenery.  Of course, the 'Leo' being introduced in this movie was Leo Ford.  According to reports, Leo could trace his sexual awakening back to his childhood when he first noticed his attraction for guys.  He was spiritual and studied yoga and for a time was celibate as he channeled his energies to look within himself.  As a young man, Leo was approached to pose for nude photos and to work in smut movies (he originally turned the offers down) but later agreed because he needed the money. His first film (pre-condom) was Flashbacks, but Style was actually the first Ford film released, even though it was the third movie that he had filmed.  Leo also appeared in movies as Lee Culver.  He died in Los Angeles at the age of 34 after being hit by a car while on a motorcycle.  Leo is often remembered as being intelligent, kind, and self confident.  The Gay Adult Video Humanitarian of the Year Award (given by the gay adult video industry to members who have made outstanding contributions to charitable causes) is named after him.

The Man Mate!

Regency Square was a company located in North Hollywood that offered nifty novelty undies such as #105 Scuttles, and for MEN OF ACTION there was model #207 the Brief Zip.  These ads were sure to get attention in magazines of the late 1960s.